Work Rosters

                                                                      Tea Roster   (Click to View)
Coordinated by Barbara Kidd  (for Ladies Captain)
Note:  For Tea/Coffee etc supplies ring  Viv Marsden


Cleaning Roster  (Click to view)
Coordinated by Ladies Captain
For Cleaning materials  supplies ring Viv Marsden

Where possible new club members will be paired on the roster with a member who has previously undertaken cleaning duties. Cleaning equipment is stored in the cupboard in the Ladies Changing Room.  A Checklist of work is attached:

 Checklist of Cleaning Tasks     (click to access)

Cleaning of the Clubhouse & changing rooms is an important task and is undertaken by all Club members (except as defined below). All members sign up to this work on their Application Forms and this is emphasised in the Introduction to the Club Rules.

Some members are excused cleaning duties in view of other tasks they undertake; e.g.

  1. the Green Team;
  2. Management Committee members; (where membership numbers permit)
  3. Associate, Honorary & Junior members;
  4. Disabled Members.

Members work in pairs and are not expected to undertake cleaning duties more than once a season. Where membership numbers permit, not all members will be included in a season’s roster.

The roster is posted on the Club Notice Board (and on the website; where feasible personal copies will also be issued by email early in the season). The roster will show a week commencing date for each entry – cleaning can take place at any time during that week as agreed with the “cleaning partner” – it doesn’t have to be undertaken on the date shown.

If anyone is unable to perform cleaning duties in the week allocated, they are responsible for finding a replacement or a swap; this should be recorded on the roster in the clubhouse.

Normally a Club cleaning day will be arranged at the start of the season, so the site is in a reasonable condition before the roster commences.

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