AGM 2021 Advance Briefing Notes

Yealmpton Bowling Club

AGM 2021 – Briefing

As the AGM has been deferred until the new year, on a date yet to be agreed, I have set out below a summary of the main points in the Officer’s Reports, for information:

  1. The Ladies application to re-join the P & D League has been approved by the P&D Committee. The League will be in triples format.
  2. The Men’s P & D AGM agreed that Saturday League & Evening League matches would continue with 3 rinks of 4 players for another season. Yealmpton have also entered into the men’s Triple League for the first time and will also play in the usual Cup competitions.
  3. The Club accounts have been properly examined. Funds in hand total just over £8000. With running costs now exceeding £5500 pa., subscriptions will need to rise next season.
  4. On the green, the winter closure programme has been completed. With scarification, seeding & fertilising the bare patches have regrown.
  5. Discussions are continuing between the Athletic Club Committee and our Landlord to renew the existing Lease which ends in less than 5 years.
  6. Membership this year has increased by 20 new players and totals 67, larger than it’s been for a few years. There are now 45 men members & 22 lady members, of which 1 is a social member and 4 honorary members.
  7. Next years fixtures are being arranged.
  8. The Competition Committee have been charged to review Club Competitions to seek any required changes.

Below I have listed 2 decisions that need to be addressed before the delayed AGM.

This briefing provides the opportunity for members to comment on all the points raised and to lodge comments/viewpoints/objections, which should be sent to me or passed to any member of the Committee. The matters raised will be considered by the Management Committee at its next meeting, planned for early next year. Anyone not responding will be considered to be in agreement.

  1. Management Structure – details have been circulated regarding the trial of a new management structure in the Club; the structure is also shown in the chart issued with the AGM documentation. Strictly speaking the new organisation should not be formally installed until the AGM, but due to the circumstances the Committee have agreed that it should start immediately rather than wait until the re-arranged AGM.
  2. Website – a review of the website was to form an integrated part of the AGM Agenda. A questionnaire was issued to all members to provide a structure for the review. If we are to continue with the website, work to prepare it for next season must commence soon. Response to the questionnaire was poor (only 12 were returned out of 67 issued); nevertheless the contents have driven the following conclusions:
  • The website is required, is used regularly and should continue; the existing format was seen as satisfactory;
  • Extra security is required and the website should have areas accessible only by members through use of a password;
  • The master copies of the Fixture List, the Constitution & the Rules would be resident on the website with printed copies of these documents (or parts of these documents) only available on request;
  • The questionnaire responses recommended introducing an information blog with pretty well all Officers contributing. Propose that this could be managed by Admin Support.
  • Insufficient support for either an “instruction” manual or a demonstration for website access.
  • A proposal was made in the questionnaire for the website to contain a description of club team selection processes, as they are not very clear to new members. Suggest these should be developed, but placed in Club Rules (which are on the website).