Membership News – Step 3

Yealmpton Bowling Club

Membership News

Following a Committee Meeting on 24 May, please note the following items.

Step 3 – Government & Bowls England Guidance.

  1. In the light of the new guidance:
  • Roll-ups can be played across all 5 rinks, but with a maximum of 30 members on site at any session.
  • All formats (singles, pairs, triples, fours) can be played on all rinks.
  • Rink booking will continue – to cater for Test & Trace requirements.
  • Website system has been updated accordingly.
  • Roll-ups & Club Competition matches can be held during the same session.


  1. Car sharing is now permitted, but must take into account the Government’s “Guidance for Safe Travel”.
  2. Although changing rooms may now be occupied, only use them when absolutely necessary and ensure all social distancing rules are complied with.
  3. Although food & drink are now permitted in the clubhouse, providing teas for friendly & league matches will not be undertaken until after Step 4 (June 21st).


Annual subscriptions have been held at £90pa this year, so a further £45 is due from members. This should be paid by 1 July, the proposed date of the Spring Meeting (see below). To ensure members receive full value the season will be extended into October, weather permitting., and further Club Competitions organised as necessary.

In view of the current financial circumstances following Covid, it may be necessary to increase subscriptions next season.

The Committee are planning to undertake some fundraising activities in the coming months, including a quiz, BBQ and a Christmas dinner & presentation evening. Any new ideas for fundraising from members would be welcome. The recommendation from Bowls England for fundraising through “” is being investigated.

The whole question of fundraising will be raised at the Spring Meeting.

Spring Meeting

A club meeting (i.e. the late Spring Meeting) will be held at 1030am on 1 July. An Agenda will be issued in due course and will include the various items referred to above, plus the problem of replacing the Club Secretary, Fixture Secretary and Ladies Secretary and the need to identify an “Estate Manager”.

Club Competitions and Match Fixtures

All Club Competitions are now in place, with appropriate forms held on the website. Please note the dates by which matches need to be played.

Mixed Friendly matches are being cancelled due to a lack of numbers. Members are urged to put their names down for these matches.

Speak to Fred on any related issues.

Green Management

A number of volunteers had been cajoled into helping the green team. This avoided the need to employ professional support for the current season. However, this may be necessary next season unless more volunteers are found, which will result in increased subscriptions.

Any member who can join the green team, please contact Mark.

Recruitment/Bowls England Weekend

Several new members have joined the Club following advertisements in the local press.

It is hoped to attract further new members during Bowls England’s Big Bowls Weekend initiative over the weekend 28 to 30 May.

Tuesday Mornings

Following the success of the “Tuesday Morning Club” in previous seasons, the Committee hoped this session would re-start now Covid was easing. To encourage this, Friday Club nights have been cancelled and will be replaced by a Club session on Tuesday mornings as a trial. This will start on 1 June and be managed by Fred. The session will use 4 rinks, the 5th rink being reserved for coaching. There is no need to book through the website to participate on Tuesday mornings, just turn up. Fred will maintain a list of participants for Test & Trace purposes.

Friday evenings will thus become available for roll-ups.

The website will be adjusted accordingly.

Club Website

A review of the website will be incorporated into the Spring Meeting on 1 July to resolve any issues and to consider new ideas/suggestions.

Note:- if you are booking a rink, please enter your full name(s), as the booking form is used as the Test & Trace document. For the same reason, the marker’s name should be added to the booking form on Club singles competition matches.

Ashcroft Shield

Entry into this Competition can be made on the website. The format will be the same as in previous years with prize money being provided by the Ashcroft family. The final will be held on 5 September and it is hoped to follow this match with a BBQ.

Christmas Dinner & Presentation Evening

It was hoped to have the dinner again this year and it will be added to the Agenda of the Spring Meeting for discussion.

Bob Smith

For Management Committee

May 2021


Membership subscriptions (ref. Finance above)

Subscriptions (part 2) of £45 due by 1 July can be paid by cheque:

Via Post to Mike Hexter

By leaving at Clubhouse

By passing to any Committee member


Electronically using the following details:

Yealmpton Bowling Club



Use name as reference.