2020 AGM Procedure


The Committee have agreed that the AGM this year will be on 22 October. As we are unable to hold a meeting in the usual format, the AGM will be a “virtual” meeting, conducted through the website.

First a few reminders about the main elements of the AGM, all these points being based on the Club Constitution, mainly paragraphs 9 & 10:

  • The primary objective of the AGM is to receive the Officer’s Reports and the yearly accounts, & to effect the election of Officers.
  • Nominating & seconding officers and Committees for next year is through the Officer Nomination Form, which, in normal circumstances, would be placed on the Club Notice Board from 1 September to 21 September.
  • Members may propose matters for consideration at the AGM (para. 9.1) via the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting (i.e. by 8 October this year).
  • Members may propose changes to the Constitution (para. 10) via the Secretary at least 28 days before the meeting (i.e. by 24 September this year).

Note 1: a paper version of this process will be operated in parallel for those members who do not use the website.

Note 2 : It has been assumed for the purpose of this process that things will be back to normal by next March, so the Spring Meeting will be held in the usual way.

Note 3 : at present we have received no communication from P&D or Section 8 as to how they intend to run their AGMs this year, or any plans they have for next season. Any matters they raise may need to be incorporated into our AGM process at a later date.

AGM Process

Stage 1   (1 September – 21 September)

  • The Officer Nomination Form will be placed on the website on 1 September and taken down at the end of play on 21 September. It will appear in the menu under AGM in the ADMIN section.
  • Members can then make nominations on this form (in the same way that rinks are booked on the Rink Booking Form on the website). The usual rules will apply, that is the nominees name will go in column 1, the proposers name in column 2, the seconders name in column 3. The nominee should also enter his name in column 4 to indicate he/she has agreed to stand.
  • The Minutes of the last AGM will also appear for members to consider whether there are any matters arising. If there are matters arising the member should notify, as soon as possible, the Secretary who will either: a) ensure the matter is dealt with in the Report by the appropriate Officer, or b) add it to the Agenda of the Spring Meeting.

Stage 2  (22 September – 21 October)

  • The Secretary will arrange any voting required as a result of the Officers nominations by email.
  • Members may propose changes to the Constitution, as prescribed in para. 10 of the said document, to be received by the Secretary by 24 September. Consideration of all such proposals will be deferred to the Spring Meeting.
  • Members may send any issues they require to be added to the AGM Agenda to the Secretary by 8 October. These will be dealt with through the Report of the appropriate officer, or added to the Agenda of the Spring Meeting.

Stage 3  (22 October)

  • The Reports of all Officers, the Annual Accounts and the new Management Structure will be added to the website, together with the nomination of the new President.

Note : The new Management structure will be determined through the Officer Nomination Form & any subsequent voting (Stage 2 above).

  • Members should consider all the AGM documents and make any comments they consider relevant to the Secretary. This should be completed before 7 November.

In November the (new) Committee will convene a meeting to review the AGM, ensure all appropriate matters have been properly dealt with, take any action they consider appropriate and plan for the off-season, the Spring Meeting and the new season