Work List

Yealmpton Bowling Club – Work List.

Below are a list of jobs that need to be undertaken at the Club. Rather than have a number of workdays to complete these tasks, Colin & Bob suggest that volunteers take on the work as individual tasks as and when it suits them, pairing up with others as they see fit. We will arrange for all necessary resources to be available as required (eg sandpaper, paint etc). Please let Colin or Bob know if you can help.

  • Clean & paint seats, benches, scoreboard, welcome Notice
  • Clean out grass on, and along, paths.
  • Clean & paint decking. (Ken)
  • Paint shed.
  • Wash fascia board on clubhouse.
  • Clear up area behind clubhouse.
  • Patch up & paint Clubhouse external walls.
  • Repair fence beyond back gate. (Colin & Bob).
  • Rotten posts on entry path wooden fence.
  • Repair all Clubhouse internal walls.
  • New bulb in Clubhouse.
  • Tidy up behind clubhouse.
  • Decorate inside clubhouse.
  • Put up historic Honour Boards.