Club Ladder


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The  Committee  have agreed to run a ladder competition and the following Rules have been agreed

    1.     All those who enter will initially be placed on the ladder in alphabetical  order of surname. Members entering after the start of the ladder will be  placed on the bottom rung.
    2.    Any player can challenge either of the 2 players immediately above them on  the ladder. If the challenger wins, then he/she replaces the loser on the  ladder. If the challenger loses then both players stay where they are. Any  player who infringes the Rules, or the spirit of the Rules, will be placed on the     bottom rung (ie the naughty step) and pilloried when Covid-19 is over.
    3.    Matches will be first to 21, so Rules for singles matches apply (as varied by  the  conditions imposed for roll-ups).
    4.    A rink for all matches must be booked through the website booking chart (currently under CORONAVIRUS) and fit in with arrangements for roll-ups. 
    5.    Match results should be emailed or ‘phoned to Fred who will update the  ladder which will be held on the website under COMPETITIONS & RESULTS. 
    6.   All information will be held on the website to avoid visits to the Club, as  advised by BE Guidance. Those who do not have access to the website should    contact Fred.
    7.    Any disputes should be referred to Fred, who will consult the Management   Committee as necessary. It is hoped no such disputes will occur and players  will enter into the spirit of a competition being run under difficult conditions.
    8.   The last time for results to reach Fred will be 6pm on 31 September 2020 (this may be brought forward by agreement if enthusiasm fades and/or other  competitions are started). A prize will be given to the person at the top of the ladder at the end of the competition, and a consolation prize to the person at the bottom.
    9.   If you want to enter the competition please let Fred know asap.