Bowls Devon Executive Meeting 24 April 2019


Minutes of the Executive Meeting held on Wednesday 24 April 2019

Present:  Presidents Margaret Jones and Tony Howle.   

Executive Officers:  Alan Mann (Chair), Harry Riley (Administrator), David Tucker (Treasurer),

Ray Stringer (Assistant Treasurer), Ciss Jones, (Ladies’ Administrator), Kevin Phillips (Men’s Administrator), Sue Trott (Ladies’ Match Secretary), Edgar Melluish (Men’s Match Secretary),

Sue Silcox (Development Officer and Section 7 Representative) and Avril Coyne (Minute Secretary).

Section Representatives:  Martin Rowe (Section 1), Tony Broom (Section 2), Don Coyne

(Section 3), Anita Lamey (Section 4), Charlotte Sliney and David Mercer (Section 5), Beryl Leach and Mike Birch (Section 6), John Kelly (Section 7), Pat Adams and Martin Hobbs (Section 8).  

In attendance, by invitation, Ruth Rogers (Ladies’ Assistant Administrator).  

The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and wished both Presidents a happy and successful year.

1     Apologies:

Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Christine Macaulay

(Section 3), Paul Chudley (Section 7) and Paul Debnam (Assistant County Administrator). It was noted that John Kelly was attending as Section 7 Deputy.

2     Declaration of Interest:

Mike Birch as a Director of the EIBA Ltd.

3    Minutes:

The Minutes of the meeting held on 24 October 2018 (previously circulated) were confirmed as a correct record and duly signed by the Chair.  

4.  Matters arising:     There were no matters arising.

5.   Presidential Appointments:

Members were delighted to CONFIRM the appointment of Christine Marshall as Ladies’ Senior Vice President for 2019.

The vacancy for Ladies’ Junior Vice President will now be advertised.

6     Finance and General Purposes Committee:

The Treasurer reported decisions taken at the meeting held earlier this evening.

a)     Members were pleased to note that the Contract with St. James’s Place Wealth Management (SJPWM) had been signed and that the initial sponsorship money had been received.

b)     In addition to the decision to issue coloured bottoms to players in the Johns Trophy, Amy Rose, Middleton Cup and White Rose squads and their respective Selection Committee members, the F & GP Committee RECOMMEND that our Qualifiers should be allowed to purchase the new bottoms to wear at the National Finals, providing that all members of the side or team wear the same.

Following discussion, the RECOMMENDATION was declared CARRIED.

c)     A Two-Year Business Bond, in the sum of £30,000, had been opened in the Hampshire Trust Bank at an interest rate of 1.7%.

In view of the Interest Rate on offer, David Mercer was asked to compose an appropriate item for inclusion on the web site.

d)     Affiliated membership numbers have not fallen and, accordingly, David was to RECOMMEND that there be no increase in Match fees, Affiliation fees or competition entry fees for 2020. On being put to the meeting, it was RESOLVED that the RECOMMENDATION be confirmed.

e)     Arrangements for the Annual Luncheon on Sunday 3rd November have been finalised.  Concern was expressed at the decreasing numbers of people attending the function and the two Presidents were asked to mention the luncheon when speaking at the various matches they attend.

7     Report of the Administrator:

The Administrator’s report, having been previously circulated, was approved. A copy is attached to the official copy of these Minutes.

a)    It was noted that, to date, 25 Tournament Licences had been approved.

b)     Approval had been given to the design of a new Club shirt on behalf of Oreston Bowling Club and for black trousers on behalf of Pennycross Bowling Club.

c)     David Bateman had advised that, looking ahead, he would like someone to take over from him as Welfare Officer in a planned way. It was RESOLVED that the position should be widely advertised once the season gets underway.

8     Recommendations from the Officers meeting:

Transfer of Responsibility – RECOMMENDED that the reference to taking and producing Minutes at meetings of the Executive Officers in Schedule 11 (3) be DELETED and that Schedule 11 (2b) be AMENDED by the addition of “and Executive Officers’ meetings” after “support to the Executive Committee”. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED to accept the RECOMMENDATIONS as set out.

Minute Secretary – Avril had advised that this will be her last year as Minute Secretary. The Officers RECOMMEND that the duties of the Minute Secretary be delegated to the Assistant County Administrator and that Schedules 2 and 11 be AMENDED as follows, such amendments to take place after the October meeting.

Schedule 2 – DELETE Minute Secretary

Schedule 11 (2) – AMEND the reference to Minute Secretary in the final paragraph to read Assistant County Administrator.

Following discussion, it was RESOLVED that the RECOMMENDATIONS be AGREED.

9     Report of the Bowls Development Officer:

The Development Officer’s report had been previously circulated.

Bowls Development Recruitment Packages are available for Club Open Days; applications for this round close on 31 March.

Sue referred to the 2019 W.I. Partnership and asked Section Secretaries to advise their Clubs to approach the W.I., especially if one exists in reasonable proximity to their club.

Reference was also made to the National Campaign WOMEN CAN.

Section Secretaries were asked to remind their Clubs that they should have a Safeguarding Officer and that he/she should be part of their Management Committee.

It was noted that Bowls England and the EIBA had jointly taken over full responsibility for the operation of Coach Bowls from the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) as from 1 April 2019.

10     Report from the Patrons Association:

The report from the Patrons Association Secretary, Vicky Hingston, had been previously circulated.

It was noted that Gordon Thomas, who had worked tirelessly over the last 33 years to promote the Patrons Association had, at the Annual General meeting in December, announced his retirement as administrator and treasurer.

It was RESOLVED to place on record the thanks of Bowls Devon for Gordon’s efforts over many years.

11     Report fom the Competition Committee:

The Minutes of the Competition Committee held on 10 January had been previously circulated.

The Committee had noted that a charge of £1 per head is payable to the Host Club for all team competition matches.

Trophies are to be collected by the end of July when it will be decided which ones need replacing and what they should be replaced with.

A meeting with Section Competition Secretaries will be held in early October.

Section Competition Secretaries have been reminded that, should a player not take their place in a match in the last 16 of a Major Competition, or subsequent rounds in the case of a National Championship, or the last eight of a Minor Competition, they are not permitted to play in the like Competition during the following season unless a reasonable explanation be accepted by the Competition Committee for such non-appearance. (Schedule 5 Rule 6.2)

Ciss reported that a request that the Inter Club be played one rink home and one rink away had been discussed at Section level with the majority being in favour of the status quo.

Following discussion, it was RESOLVED that no change be made to the competition’s rules.


Sue Silcox queried who was the contact for ladies’ competitions as it appeared that some of the Sections were unclear as to how the role of Ladies’ Administrator had been split at the AGM.

In reply, Harry advised that the role of the Ladies’ Administrator is defined in Schedule 11. So far as competitions are concerned, she is a member of and joint Chair of the Competition Committee and, in liaison with Section Secretaries, keeps a record of County Points scored by ladies on the badge trail.

The Ladies’ Assistant Administrator is one of three officers appointed by the Executive Committee.

In addition to the Ladies’ Administrator and the Ladies’ Match Secretary, two other members – one male and one female – are appointed annually by the Executive Committee to the Competition Committee. For 2019, the Ladies’ Assistant Administrator was appointed as the third member.

Other than recording County Points she is responsible for all matters relating to competitions.

In order to clarify the position it was RESOLVED that the position of Assistant Ladies’ Administrator should be re-designated Assistant Ladies’ Administrator (Competitions) with Schedule 2 being amended accordingly.

13     Report from Sections:

Martin R asked who was responsible for keeping Club Constitutions up to date and was advised that this was the Club Secretary’s responsibility.

Additionally, Sue Silcox (BDO), pointed out that Safeguarding and Disciplinary matters should also be incorporated into Club Constitutions.

Should Clubs aspire to becoming a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), full details are set out on the Bowls England website.

It was noted that David Mercer’s telephone number Iin the information booklet is incorrect – the correct number being 01626 681699.

John reported that, generally, greens in Plymouth were in a poor state.

Martin H reported that the greens at Central Park could now be used but facilities for players were minimal.

14     Any Other Business:

Chairman Alan advised that intends to retire at the AGM in 2021.

David M (Website Information Co-ordinator) asked that news including trials and trialists and selected Inter County selected teams be forwarded to him to enable items to be placed on the website. Space had been created on the website for the competitions that had not been completed last year and he would welcome the results in due course.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 23 October in the Topsham Room at the Exeter Golf and Country Club.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.10 p.m.

Signed………………………..Chairman     Date………………………………2019.