Book A Rink


Booking sheets now allow for 5 Rink/6 player use to comply with the 30 max allowed. Fours however, are now permitted provided the maximum is not exceeded. In view of the increased size of the table it may be preferable to view with 75% (or even 50%) Zoom . Bookings will cover a three week period and a new weeks sheet will be added every Sunday.

Booking  can be made through the followings links:-  


A little patience may be necessary while the pages load. Locate the day and session of an available rink you wish to book. Double click in the appropriate cell group and enter your name together with any other players . YOU MUST THEN CLICK OUTSIDE THE ENTRIES FOR IT TO TAKE EFFECT.   It will then auto-save any entry made.

You may book a roll-up as a singleton. if you are looking for a game and see a singleton or any other spare entry cells that are available you may wish to contact them for a game. There is no limit on bookings.

Priority will be given to Fixture & Club Competition matches which will shown with match codes as listed at the bottom of the sheets. Where possible such matches will be inserted before posting on-line.